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Study genetics online with Dr Katariina Mäki, PhD

In our courses, you will learn the basics from the very beginning and gradually, at your own pace, progress to more challenging topics and problems.

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Genetics for Breeders and Vets is an online course with five parts. Each part can be purchased separately. Click on the ‘Enroll Now’ button to find out more about the content of each course – and enroll today!

Price info: €1 is about $1.1, so the price of the first part, for example, is about $42.

Are you ready to learn easily, in small chunks, at your own pace? Study whenever you want, even from the comfort of your own sofa.

Free sample lesson

This sample lesson is from the first part of the course. It is the Lesson number 6. Before this lesson you will learn about genes and their regulation (epigenetics). You will also learn how mutations arise and what kind of consequences there might be, depending on the site of the mutation.

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What will you learn in this online genetics course?

You will learn the basics of genetics from the very beginning and gradually progress to more challenging topics and problems.

You don’t need to know anything about genetics to take this course. A desire to learn is the only prerequisite!

After completing this course, you will understand how parental traits are passed on to offspring and how well this inheritance can be predicted.

You will learn how to determine whether a trait is determined by one or more genes. You will learn how to predict offspring traits by using the Punnett square. And you will also learn how to predict the inheritance of traits in different inheritance patterns.

You will learn how to investigate whether there is variation in the trait for breeding purposes. You will learn how environmental factors affect traits and how to take their influence into account to better reflect the genetic level of the individual animal. You will learn about heritability – an often misunderstood term.

We offer flexible online learning options that allow you to complete the coursework at your own pace, from any location.

Who are our courses for?

Do you have dogs, cats or horses? Or are you a vet who wants to improve your knowledge of genetics to advise your clients? Is animal health and well-being important to you? If so, our courses are designed specifically for you.

By studying our courses, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of animal genetics, enabling you to make informed decisions that will positively impact your breeding programs and veterinary practice.

Completing our courses will not only enhance your skills and knowledge, but it will also demonstrate to potential puppy buyers and clients that you are committed to providing the highest quality of care for the animals you work with.

Permanent access, satisfaction guarantee

Once you’ve purchased the course, all the material is permanently available, so you can return to the world of genetics whenever you want to review what you’ve learned.

If you are not satisfied with the course, let us know within 14 days of purchase and we will refund your money.

Help available during the course

You can use the course platform to ask questions about the topics covered in the lessons.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with all the instructions you need to access and study the course.

The course instructor is also available by email if you have any problems with the course platform or learning.

Feedback from students

Such a well-executed course!

The sections are just the right length for my type of learner who finds it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time. I love that there is a summary of the key points at the end and no silly trick questions in the exam. This would allow even a hermit like me to study for a long time 😄 although the fact that I have always been extremely interested in the subject certainly helps. Thank you for this lecture series!!

Thank you!

Your investigations on health and breeding of dogs, lectures/exercises of your course and sources of scientific research that I found with their help, have inspired me to share findings concerning issues in my own breed.

Good course!

The videos, texts, summaries and tests support each other well, and it’s easy to chew through the appropriately sized sections one by one.

I also got quick help from Katariina when I needed it. Thank you!

Course instructor Katariina Mäki

Katariina is a Finnish geneticist and popular lecturer with a PhD in animal breeding. Her doctoral thesis was on the inheritance of hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs.

Katariina has worked for years to increase knowledge about healthy animal breeding. This is also reflected in our courses, where most of the examples used in the lessons deal with the inheritance of health traits in dogs, cats and horses.

Katariina closely follows scientific research on hereditary diseases and genetic diversity. With this information, Katariina has helped the Finnish Kennel Club and many breed clubs to develop and use effective breeding tools to improve the health of dogs. Now she offers this information in our courses.

In addition to HealthyBreeding, Katariina works part-time as a consultant for the International Partnership for Dogs. She used to work as a breeding expert for the Finnish Kennel Club.

Katariina lives in the Finnish countryside with her family and their three horses, two dogs and two cats. You might be able to spot some of her animals on this page and in the lecture slides!

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